Whispers on a Valley

Calm, cool and perfectly formed, Cooten Bay is quietly nearly sold out.  Five of these 19 lots that overlook this flawless bay share views of Guana Island and Monkey Point.  Cooten Bay’s development under supervision and consultation between Caribbean Realty and Smiths has been thought through in intricate detail with an eye to modern living in the Caribbean.
Once plantation land, the pebbled coral beach supports one of the most enduring sugar mills remaining on the island.  Adjacent to this is where the communal area for the Homeowners’ Association will be erected.  The beach itself and the land behind it support a wild array of loblolly and guava trees.  The land here is lush and just waiting to be landscaped according to the homeowner’s wishes.  Sweeping trades run up the valley hillside where, at the top entrance, distance to town or airport is 15 minutes from the ridge road.  Access to the beach by boat or anchorage is bounded by a protective reef that gives a fantastic left break during the winter swell for the avid surfer; waves can be heard halfway up the hillside whispering in the breeze.
The road into Cooten Bay is as critical to the project’s development as the covenants specified in the homeowner’s contract.  Approximately fifty percent of funds for the lots have been kept in Escrow by Caribbean Realty for the development of the 20-foot wide access to the properties.  Smiths will develop conduits to each property for electricity, telephone, water and cable TV; no poles or structures will be erected for the utilities.

The asking prices for the remaining lots range from $180k to 350k for prime positioning.  Currently a grand spec house is under construction with infinity pool and majestic views (selling price on completion $875k on .94 acre).  Each property has the option of building both a guest and main house, either of which can be rented under trade license agreements.  The covenants state:

NOT TO ERECT or place or cause to be erected or placed or permit to remain on the land without the consent of the Transferors or the Homeowners’ Association (as hereinafter defined) no more than:

(1) One detached main dwelling house, which shall comprise not less than 1,500 square feet of enclosed living space and which may include a private garage for not more than two cars; and
(2) One detached guest cottage, which shall comprise no more than 1,000 square feet of enclosed living space.

Whilst each lot is freehold, a community is in place from the beginning.  Homeowners will be able to decide whether or not a gate will be placed on the road and the design and the beach structures will largely be at the discretion of the bay tenants.
To passers by, Cooten Bay appears as a wild bay with a lush tropical landscape, oblivious to the house s soon to be built.  Most of the residents are long-standing BVI business owners and second homeowners.  It is reassuring to know that most of the people involved in this venture have a vested interest in the island and will be living here all year round, enjoying the bay.
Whilst five lots remain, Caribbean Realty is under the design-review stage of the road, commissioned by Richard Taylor of System Engineering.  Cooten Bay is about to get some long-term visitors, who love the bay as much as they do the island.