Wednesday, September 16 – The construction of a tender pier is now underway and improvements to the existing cruise ship pier are expected to begin this week after Government signed two separate contracts with local companies.

The BVI Ports Authority entered into an agreement with Odyssey Venture Group Limited today in the amount of $3,440,987 to construct the tender pier and also recently signed a separate agreement with James Todman Construction Limited in the amount of $1,528,833 to carry out extensive repair work to the cruise ship pier.

A detailed study, commissioned by the BVI Ports Authority, was undertaken by SNC Consultants Inc. in May this year to provide Government with solutions on how to improve traffic congestion around the Waterfront Drive area at the Road Town Jetty when one or more cruise ships are in port. The study concluded that the proposed tender pier in the location of the cruise ship pier on Wickhams Cay I would remedy the situation at Road Town Harbour and eliminate the current chaos during the disembarkation of passengers arriving by tenders.

It is also envisaged that the tender pier would serve as a back-up ferry facility for instances when future repair works are carried out on the Road Town Jetty and also for additional ferries serving cruise ship passengers. The project also requires the creation of a breakwater which would provide additional protection to the area in the vicinity of The Moorings and will provide a calm area which could be further developed.

The tender pier is part of the original development initiative for the area that the Government of the Virgin Islands and the BVI Ports Authority are committed to making a reality and is expected to take six months to complete.

According to Government there should be little or no disruption to the public, the berthing of cruise ships, passengers and vehicular traffic.  “The dock design was completed by Dawson Wells Consulting Engineers which has been value engineered to ensure that we achieve maximum efficiency and value for money.  Kraus Manning Inc. has also been engaged as project manager for the duration of the project,” said Minister of Finance Hon. Ralph T. O’Neal, OBE.

“Their project management and other expertise would ensure that a high standard of workmanship is always maintained and the work completed within the specified time allotted,” Hon. O’Neal noted.

Speaking on behalf of Odyssey Venture Group Limited, a BVI company, Mr. Dion Jennings said they are grateful for the opportunity to participate in such a meaningful tourism infrastructural project and pledged to work tirelessly to fulfil the terms and conditions of the agreement.
The agreement signed with James Todman Construction Limited on August 28, consists of concrete pier repairs with phase one expected to take 113 days.   A study conducted in 2007 found the condition of the pier to be in deplorable condition and recommended repair work.


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