April, BVI Spring Regatta—Incredible!

No doubt you are reading this while you are at the regatta or competing in it. It is always an awesome time for us at BVI Yacht Guide. Most of us compete or volunteer, and those that man the office behind us, we do thank them wholeheartedly.

Transitions are nothing new to the BVI, this being a political year and the year that we all hope to see a global economic recovery. Strikingly, the BVI continues to build and develop in areas of yachting and, proudly, the environment. This month for us marks a special occasion as we celebrate our green issue with facts and efforts rather than wishful thinking. That for us is the core of Yacht Guide and our counterpart Property Guide.

Enjoy our efforts. The best part of Yacht Guide is that whatever we have experienced or write about, we do know that everyone living here or visiting shares the same mentality of a substantial appetite for life, a little less ordinary.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish all at the Regatta the best of luck, and hope for at least moderate winds, and we would also like to thank all involved in our publication that make it happen.

Sail fast, like you mean it.