Summer, in the BVI and we are delighted to have stories come to us from several islands to share experiences with us over here. Our islands and other islands are a cultural melting pot of many experiences brought to and then developed in our lifestyle as we progress, it is what makes us all unique as a community.

On a recent trip I met with a group of photographers whose chosen path is to promote and shoot super yachts around the world as they travel on their regular routes. One of those routes or destinations is, the BVI, I hope you enjoy the incredible photos. Keeping us grounded is Chris Simpson, our regular informative broker on the reality of the yacht broker industry in context, positively in the BVI. David looks into what is now becoming a regular seasonal or annual theme of dinghy theft, which is theft by any account and there are more and more calls from the charter companies to exact diligence wherever you can.

We take a trip down memory lane with Jeremy Wright and get up to speed with women on the water, our now regular look at women in the driving lane of a male-dominated industry. For the season ahead, which is almost here there are new and exciting stories afoot. Here at the Yacht Guide, we will be focusing more than ever on yacht reviews and the in depth breakdown of the BVI yachting industry from a global perspective.

So, as we approach the cooler months ahead the Channel will see more activity, and the winter winds will arrive, bringing swell and the start of a new season and the end of a long, hot summer. All excess in moderation, though, if you have been here all summer and enjoyed Festival whilst making the most of the hot season, moderation of excess might keep us all going until Christmas.

Have fun and see you on the water.

Owen Waters