Last year was my first Christmas in the BVI, and it gave me yet another reason to love living here. Highlights from last year’s holidays were Christmas on Main Street, the sand sculpture contest in Cane Garden Bay and an impromptu Hanukkah feast in Shannon on Christmas Eve, then, on Christmas Day, a Secret Santa gift exchange in Road Town followed by a beach day at Josiah’s then Christmas dinner on the tugboat Lakota with the Paull-Rowlettes in Nanny Cay. Though I was away from family, I felt (almost) as loved and spoiled as I have in years past.

A perfect place for BVI residents and visitors to spoil themselves this holiday season is at The Sugar Mill Hotel and Restaurant in Apple Bay. Owen visited The Sugar Mill and discovered why it was voted by as “One of the Twelve Most Romantic Dining Rooms in the World.”

I also felt spoiled touring the various properties for sale on the Islands as I imagined what I would do if I owned them. The new lots available at Little Bay emphasize peaceful privacy. Virgin Gorda’s ultra-exclusive Oil Nut Bay focuses on nature and family. Surfshore Villa above Trunk Bay emulates the concept of compact luxury, a concept I can relate to in my studio apartment.

Speaking of my lodgings, I have found the first problem with my studio—it’s furnished! This wasn’t an issue at all until I completely fell in love with the furniture featured in this month’s magazine. Both Arawak Interiors and House of Wonders sell furniture made from retired wooden boats. I love the idea of furnishing my apartment with recycled, reused wood. Arawak Interiors’ new designs are made from painted Balinese fishing boats. The old wood with worn paint epitomizes the concept of Caribbean shabby chic. House of Wonders’ fashions their furniture from boats made from African hardwoods. I imagine mixing the two types of furniture among my apartment’s crisp white walls, pine cathedral ceilings and terra cotta tile floors.

I have done a lot of imagining lately, possibly because the holidays spark daydreaming, but the holidays are also a time when dreams come true. Steve Fox from OBM International explains how an architect can help property owners make their dream homes into realities by taking advantage of the architect’s expertise. Kraus-Manning describes how construction managers can assist when undertaking large projects in the Caribbean. We advise using the experts whose job it is to turn your idea for a dream project into a home you enjoy every day.

Spoil your family. Spoil your friends. Spoil yourself.


Traci O'Dea