During my morning swim in Cane Garden Bay, I usually zone out on the sea surrounding me. I push little, clear waves ahead of my path while doing breast stroke and think about nothing else. My mind is unmuddled. Unless I see someone's trash in the sea. Then my mind spins thoughts of rubbish and recycling and Pockwood Pond and underwater creatures and the evil that is plastic. But if there's no trash in the sea, my swim continues uninterrupted. So, after my morning swim, I pick up at least a few pieces of trash on the beach and deposit them into one of the large, green trash cans by Myett's. While I may pitch in for selfish reasons, it benefits everyone who visits BVI waters.

In honour of the 40th anniversary of Earth Day, this month's issue of Property Guide focuses on themes of greenliness and environmental awareness. Our experts discuss everything from legal regulations when building on the beach, erosion control and creating less waste by using all your materials. David learned about biodegradable, plant-based disposable cups and plates that are now available on island. I visited Arawak Interiors and checked out all their products that encourage reuse. Everyone can do something each day to preserve the environment and ensure that the pristine views from Villa Zenaida and other properties continue to dazzle residents and visitors of the BVI.

Do your part.

Traci O'Dea