Once again, we are proud to give you much information about this year's BVI Spring Regatta, and we wish you luck if you are, in fact, participating in it. If you are sailing or supporting, welcome and have fun! It’s one of the times when the BVI racing circuit gets to put itself into full gear and stand its ground, so good luck to our own and any visitors!

We also look at some aspects of solar power use and provide a warning for sailors out there on some hidden rocks. In going back to our eating ashore reviews we examine the culinary delights of the Boat House.

Recently there has been a lot of talk about how our season is doing in light of the economic climate. There once was a time when the season was only for a few months and it now has been running all year round with different rates for charters. With the economic downturn we have yet to see whether we will have to down size but what has been noticed are significant layoffs in the industry or cutbacks. There is a simple quandary at foot, if you lay a team member off in the BVI that person is for all intents and purposes gone from the island and as permits are not easy to transfer and new positions are not just waiting round the corner. This could become a potential dilemma. If your production increases companies find themselves understaffed and unable to get the help in as quick as possible. So, the plight of shrinking and expanding within an unstable market is one that knee jerks to a bigger drum of the States. In our casual talks we found most companies hanging onto their employees and cutting other areas where they can. This is a small island community and tends to take care of their own wherever they can. Steady on the course and ride out the storm, hopefully all ships will be afloat through the other side because as most hardy sailors will tell you- good boats were made to float and sail well.

In light of that, enjoy the issue and see you out, on or in the water!

Owen Waters