Welcome to the Yacht Guide April issue  –  If only we could take the teamwork of sailing as an analogy to combat what is now a global recession.  With many hands on deck working together, then hoisting the sails and setting course to optimize the conditions at hand. From an island point of view, this is what we strive for – to help each other at all times and in storms to weather them.  

In this issue we bring you what seems to be the triumph of the spirit in adversity. A tale of two champions in the making, the windsurfer Finian Maynard and the young sailor Alec Anderson both paving their own legends and representing the BVI at every step.

We also bring you tales of the reverse effect on the Islands in the form of crime. Random acts of violence targeted at yachtsmen or visitors cut short in their prime of life are sensitive and unfortunately rumors  spread like wildfire s if to blacken everything the islands represent. It is important to remember that the random acts of violence are indiscriminate and it is the yachting fraternity at large that stands in protest and Vigilate, our territory's motto has never been more prevalent as in these times to be watchful, careful.

As to the season, it still goes strong and moves forward on course as does the ocean and the life below and above it.

See you on the water, and remember, our beaches and the water are free as is the wind that blows over it – enjoy it,

Owen Waters