Welcome to the September issue of Property Guide  –  I love the house where I currently reside, with its pool, sunken sunroom and bougainvillea-sprinkled outdoor shower, and my housemates are great, but I think it’s time to live on my own. In my recent search for an apartment on Tortola, I’ve been fairly discouraged at the rent prices for the available spaces. A studio apartment that I looked at in Cane Garden Bay in November is now, less than a year later, listed at forty percent more. I know rental deals should abound because of a recent increase in vacancies, but landlords continue to raise their rents. In this issue of Property Guide, Caribbean Realty’s Maritha Keil and Caspar Luiken give their take on this trend.

Additional experts impart their knowledge in the areas of building and law. Structural engineer Chris Conway of CSE Ltd. presents advice on how to build for durability. Orion Law’s Myron Walwyn explains the ins and outs of the Non-Belongers Land Holding Licence.

Also in this issue, PG visits Kibanda, a house in Belmont that features the best of the Caribbean mixed with European and African furnishings. Tucked up in the trees between Long Bay and Smugglers Cove, Kibanda offers a perfect location as well as luxury.

The mirrors in Arawak Interiors inspire an exploration into the history of the mirror, some bizarre mirror trivia facts and how mirrors are made. Featured mirrors from the showroom employ frames from reclaimed teak or crosscut materials such as bamboo, seashells and cinnamon bark. Mirrors can also be used to reflect the sun and scenery that most of us in the BVI are fortunate enough to have right outside our windows. Once I get my new place, a few strategically placed mirrors will bring the views inside.

Wish me luck!

Traci O'Dea