Happy autumn and Happy Halloween! This month’s issue has no tricks but very many treats. I finally found my dream apartment in Cane Garden Bay. Every morning I wake up, walk about fifty steps and wade into the warm Atlantic waters for a quick swim before work. Some people need coffee to start their day. I need to submerge.

While I've found my perfect rental, Pam Romney of Island Real Estate tries to convince editor Owen Waters that now is the right time to buy. She makes a good argument, so other buyers beware if our own Owen dives into the market. He’s got the inside scoop.

Another gentleman with the inside scoop is Roy Keegan of Arawak Interiors, but his scoop is on importing from Indonesia. This month, we tag along for a typical day in Bali with Roy who navigates the city like a pro, on a motorbike, no less. Roy shops for everything from jewelry to building materials for his clients here in the BVI.

Our cover feature, North Shore Lookout, sits above Brewers Bay with a view that would be impossible to take for granted. Inside the house, stainless steel Viking appliances and ceramic tiles gleam as well.

I look forward to seeing ghosts and witches at the annual Halloween Parade at Nanny Cay. And I look forward to spending as much time as possible in my new home and new neighbourhood.