Welcome to the November issue of BVI Yacht Guide. If you are reading this at the BVI Chartered Yacht Show, come over to our stand and meet the team in person. It’s the evening, so for once, we are all in one place and not dispersed across the water on our various activities.

In this issue, we begin our campaign of looking at BVI sailing from different perspectives. Practical maintenance has always been key to us, Colin is forever trying different ways of hauling out and bottom painting, and each of us has quirky ways of meddling and tinkering with things, whether it is a new tiller, electronic go-faster gadget or a surfboard fin. I suppose we are the guys who swim backwards to see if it is any faster, so we are delighted to bring you a series of practical yard talk about different products for your boat.  Our point being that the BVI does have a fantastic marine industry and support network.

Speaking of different perspectives, David and I wanted to bring you the in-depth report on broaching. My first broach made me go white, and as I looked at the mast slapping the water while holding onto the rails, terror and adrenaline surged. Once the boat righted, my next reaction was, as is most people’s, okay, that was wild, but let’s not do that again anytime soon.

As in most things, no one likes to spill their beer, or anyone else’s, if they can help it. Enjoy the issue, season is here and full on. Make the most of it, and whatever your passion, you are your own captain.

Have fun, and see you on the water.

Owen Waters