Welcome to the November issue of Property Guide.

I live in paradise—Cane Garden Bay. I love it. I’ve never been happier in my life. And I don’t know why anyone would want to live anywhere else. Then I had a weekend away from my apartment which included an evening stargazing from the suspended, beachside bed at Villa Aquamare in Mahoe Bay, Virgin Gorda, a cookout by the picnic tables at Nanny Cay and a bonfire at the elusive Trunk Bay, Tortola. I realized the BVI contains slices of paradise in every locale.

Five of our exclusive locales host the 2009 December Winemakers Dinners, including the elite Baraka Point in Nail Bay, Golden Pavilion above Little Bay, Giorgio's in Virgin Gorda, Pirates Bight on Norman Island and Frenchmans Lookout in Frenchmans Cay.

When we visited our cover feature, Moonlit Sea in Nail Bay, I found a paradise to strive for. The understated home welcomed us with rambling garden paths, pineapple plants and vistas that would be impossible to ever take for granted.

Above Road Town, another piece of paradise available for purchase, Lizard's Leap in MacNamara, offers stunning views of our capital and beyond from its various outdoor spaces.

Barbara O’Neal from JOMA (Properties) Ltd. discusses the importance of refurbishing properties and proposes preservation guidelines for the BVI. We should consider the benefits of preserving our paradise—both architecturally and environmentally.

Why doesn’t everyone live here? Sure, I love my semi-annual trips to Metropolis, but I can visit there and live in the BVI. Why do it the other way around?

You only live once.


Traci O'Dea