Welcome to the February issue of the Property Guide  –  Consider the BVI slightly unique to the rest of the world property issues within the current recession.

We live and work in a territory that only allows restricted work permits for the work force. To a certain extent we have little unemployment and due to the pricing of houses, for many buying or building a house is unaffordable. Many of the houses here that are for sale were bought outright a long time ago and many belong to people overseas. In terms of property the BVI still retains itself as an exclusive resort. This is a seller's dream and a market where prices are still holding their value well. The phrase "you get what you pay for" is solid in the BVI and it is unlikely to see many of these luxury homes fall to sudden foreclosure.

In this issue we examine many prevalent factors in the current market. Whilst we are all aware of the belt tightening we are being pro active in passing on tips from our expert team of contributors. We look at a fantastic property Lizard Junction which we had so much fun shooting. We also examine a traditional modern hill side property of Lone Palm Villa. From our team we are taught aspects of lighting, architecture and design- all of which we enjoy putting together as much as you may do reading them.

In our field of research we come across many people from many walks of life and the current question on everyone's lips does seem to reflect worry and concern over the recession. Nobody knows what is going to happen. Well, did we last year or the year before? I heard a phrase lately that a life constantly examined is a life not worth living. So, in turning that into a positive light, get out there and live your dream and your life- (and let someone else examine you). In terms of the property market, if you want that house and you can do it, just enjoy it with the biggest smile ever!

Happy hunting,

Owen Waters