DONT GO OVER BOARD THIS CHRISTMAS – What is Christmas if not a celebration of family? The anxious parents, the angelic newborn. These are the mythic figures which are celebrated around the globe.The prospect of keeping the family gathered together in one place has daunted parents and parental figures for aeons. Folks are prone to go a-wandering. Particularly if they’ve been a-wassailing too. Keeping them gathered around the tree is nothing compared to keeping them gathered beneath the mast. Thankfully, Raymarine have come up with a little device designed, if not to keep the crew from wandering at least to alert the captain to their absence.

The Life Tag Man Overboard system comprises a small transmitter that clips to the individual crew member and which transmits a signal to a base station. Should the crew member go overboard and out of range, an alarm is sounded and position information displayed at the multi-function display. The system is expandable and can accommodate up to 16 crew members.

Cay Electronics has the perfect Christmas gift: a Raymarine Man Overboard base station and two Life Tag transmitters, at the special price of $625.

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