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Globe Circling Adventurer
Never Lacks Power Through Fischer Panda

OAKLAND PARK, FL – MARCH 26, 2008 — In daredevil Mike Harker’s early days, he flew powerless craft to his near death. Now, the intrepid adventurer circles the globe through Fischer Panda power.
A native Californian, Harker, 60, always gravitated toward extreme sports on the water and in the air. He was a national water skiing champion at age 16 and 18. As a young adult, he pioneered early ‘70s hang-gliding development. In 1977, a terrifying glider accident thrust Harker into a 400-foot freefall, leaving him unconscious for a year and paralyzed from the knees down. Through multiple surgeries and arduous physical therapy, he persevered until he could walk again.
Despite his injuries, the bold world traveler learned to sail offshore on the California coast five years ago. Long-range sailing was a perfect fit for Harker’s career as an international sports photographer/cinematographer and sports legend. In no time, he began dreaming of circumnavigating the world alone.
In 2003, he sailed single-handedly across the Atlantic in a trial run for his yearlong expedition circling the globe launched in March 2006. In preparation for the 28,000-mile voyage, Harker sought the best equipment available. He purchased his third and largest Hunter sailboat, Wanderlust III, a 49-foot cruiser. Harker had visited the Hunter factory in Florida and knew from his two previous Hunters that the manufacturer utilized only proven equipment, like Fischer Panda generators.
He had heard about the reputation of Fischer Panda Generators as being the smallest, lightest, quietest and most efficient generator in the market. “These sailors would point out other boats and ask, ‘Do you realize there’s a generator going?’ It would be purring like a sewing machine. My previous one sounded like a tractor,” he said.
Harker is dependent on good equipment to go around the world. He said he has confidence in his Panda 12 DP because everything made in Germany is made with precision. “That’s why I chose a Fischer Panda Generator as an orderable option. I’m living off my generator. It has to perform without flaw.”
Harker doesn’t connect to shore power in foreign ports because his boat is wired for 120V American power and the voltages are not compatible. In order to re-supply his systems, Harker moors in a harbor and runs his Fischer Panda generator. “In three and a half hours and on less than a gallon of gas, I’m able to charge my batteries and fill my water tanks all while I’m watching a movie on my wide-screen TV. It’s vibrationless and noiseless – quite a luxury,” he remarked.
Don’t look for this over-achiever to take it easy for too long in his cabin. Next, Harker plans to solo sail Wanderlust III around the world in the opposite direction.
Chad Godwin, marine sales and marketing manager for Fischer Panda Generators, said his company is proud to be a part of Mike Harker’s journey. “Over the years, the continuously advancing technology of Fischer Panda Generators has increased our reliability and efficiency. Having the team of Mike Harker and Hunter Marine as a valued customer has been beneficial in learning what we can do to offer the best generator and support worldwide.”
Fischer Panda has played a pioneering role in the design and manufacture of marine and vehicle generators for the past 30 years. In 1978 in Germany, Fischer Generators developed the quietest diesel generator in the world. That trend towards small, quiet and super efficiency was to continue, and in 1988, Fischer Generators added "Panda" to its brand and introduced its proprietary and water-cooled asynchronous electric plant. Fischer Panda U.S., which began operations in 1995, is located at 4345 NE 12 Terrace in Oakland Park, Florida. For more information, please call 954-462-2800 or access the company's web site at