Thursday, December 17 – Civil works are progressing smoothly on the greenhouse development project as earth works are 50% completed at Paraquita Bay and the construction of the first greenhouse is expected to commence in January 2010.

During the past three months, excavation and site preparatory works were carried out at Paraquita Bay which included the clearing, grading, compacting and levelling of the site which will house three of the Territory’s greenhouses. The other three greenhouses will be constructed at South Sound, Virgin Gorda.

Consultants and project engineers from IBT were in the Territory last week for a meeting with officials from the Ministry of Natural Resources and Labour.

While in the Territory they discussed and agreed on a revised schedule of works to be undertaken for the duration of the greenhouse development project.

During the first sitting of the third session of the First House of Assembly, Minister for Natural Resources and Labour Hon. Omar W. Hodge stated that farmers will benefit by the introduction of the greenhouses in the Territory.

Minister Hodge said that, “Farmers will be in a position to learn about the technology and the process and will benefit most from being given the opportunity to work in the facility and sell the produce.”

It is the aim of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Labour to increase productivity within the agricultural sector and aid the participation of the Territory’s farmers to secure such a future.

The construction of six greenhouses will advance government’s effort to secure greater food security through the use of present and emerging practices designed to strengthen food security initiatives.  Such efforts will only contribute to the well-being of the Territory by the production of value added food and optimal management of land space with an aim to reduce the Territory’s food import bill.
The greenhouse development project at the Paraquita Bay site is expected to be completed and fully operationally by November 2010.