Has your kitchen become a storage unit for food and dirty dishes recently rather than an inspirational workspace for creating gourmet masterpieces? We all go through phases of laziness and taking the easy route in the kitchen, especially when we have busy schedules. Summer is here and most of us find ourselves with a little extra time in the day, so it’s time to throw away that Chinese takeaway menu and start heating things up in the kitchen!

Our customers come in raving about the fabulous cooking courses by top BVI chef Bruce at Blue Iguana Catering. His two-day courses accommodate all different tastes and cooking levels. He conducts these classes from the amazing kitchen at his Kingston home or, for larger groups, can conduct private sessions at your home or villa. For more information, call Bruce or Rosie at 494-2697.

New cookbooks are a great source of inspiration. Personally, I find there is nothing better for getting ideas than flicking through your favourite cookbooks, whether preparing for a big dinner party or a romantic dinner for two.  Nigella Lawson has a new book called Nigella Express, featuring simple and quick recipes that are sure to impress. And House always stocks books from Jamie Oliver, Michael Roux, Martha Stewart and Gary Rhodes. These celebrity chefs are sure to inspire even the most reluctant cook.


It may be time to update some of your kitchen equipment as well. There are some fantastic gadgets and gizmos out there that can make any cooking project fun.  My Mum recently purchased a KitchenAid mixer and is now baking up a storm at every opportunity.  OXO puts out a great line of easy-to-use and funky gadgets that will liven up any kitchen.  Or maybe it’s time to throw out those rusty pots and pans and invest in some new shiny ones.  You never know, this might even motivate the man of the house to step into the kitchen for a change!

The kids are off school for a couple of months and most parents will be looking at different ways to entertain them.  We have some great kids’ cookbooks in House for all ages to get them involved in the kitchen.  They’ll have a blast and will definitely enjoy the results.

All of the gourmet creations emerging from your kitchen will need to be properly presented on the dinner table.  It’s amazing what a few small changes can do to brighten and modernize your table décor.  Chargers look great on the dining table and, along with some new table linens and funky napkin rings, you’ll be sure to impress your guests.

So take this opportunity to find you inner domestic goddess.  With a little help from some other chefs—whether the celebrity kind or within your family—you’ll soon be cooking up a storm.