Cutting-Edge Security Systems – Security systems have come a long way from manual recording to VHS or even DVR (Digital Video Recorders). These old analog-based camera systems are only as effective as the person who is staring at them. What happens when you are not in the room where the video monitor is sitting or you are not in the same part of the world where your home or business is located?

“Today’s technology is unbelievable to say the least,” says Russell Jones, principal of iSmart Home and Business. “We have solutions for the latest Internet Protocol security systems, Mega Pixel Digital surveillance systems, automation systems that allow you to control your whole house with a remote control or even your cellphone. Everything can be accessed and controlled from anywhere that Internet access is available. It’s mind-boggling how fast we are advancing. I have a client who is building his home with the use of a camera system. He has it stationed at the building site and documents all aspects of the work. He can review the plans and material along with the progress with the builder by Internet in real time.”


In the event that your property is in danger, the system can email or text you immediately while it is happening as well as send video or images to your phone or computer or to the police for immediate action. Catching the situation in progress as opposed to sorting through video footage after the event betters the odds that your property will be spared and the transgressors apprehended.

Systems are very affordable nowadays, notes Russell. You can set up a simple system to monitor and record a set area or have complete remote control of a system from anywhere in the world to monitor whatever you wish wherever you decide.

As the island grows, unfortunately so does crime. Although having a surveillance system will not always stop a crime from occurring, it sure does help. Having good-quality doors and windows with integrated locking systems is helpful for keeping out the unwanted. Installing high-impact glass will prevent an intruder from just popping out the glass and gaining access to the lock.


A dog is always an option but they have their limits, too. Security lighting around the area at night will deter most unwanted guests. Security lighting allows the intruder to see the dog and allows the camera to get a better picture of the dog running after the intruder while you are sound asleep behind locked doors.