2008 Winter Sailing After School Dates and times: 

Beginner/Novice: Starting Tuesday Jan. 8th 3:30- 5:30

Intermediate: Starting Wednesday Jan. 9th 3:30- 5:30

Race Team: Starting Thursaday Jan.10th 3:30- dark


Running 10 consecutive weeks at a cost of $225. 

Registration for each day will be on the first day from 3pm-3:30. 


January – Adult Learn to sail lessons Sunday 3-5.30pm. 3 Sessions. First one 13 Jan.

Please RSVP.


Saturday Afternoons – Various Dates – GYBERS.

This is aimed at Children that have learnt to sail but need time on the water to consildate their skills.

Sponsorships are available to BVI Islanders who would not otherwise be able to attend.

Please contact us for dates.


Lastly – It's a new year of racing and the BVI is going lots of events. Please contact me if you think you want to try some events.



Chris Watters
BVI National Team Sailing Coach
RBVIYC Coach/Instructor
[email protected]


PS – Sorry to any on the list that shouldn't be. This is being sent from a remote program which won't see the different groups.