Commerce House to Transform the Centre of Road Town – JOMA (Properties) Limited, a local property development and management firm with a portfolio that includes office and retail space as well as warehouse facilities, is about to embark upon a new project.  In the first quarter of 2008, JOMA will begin construction of a mixed-use building in Road Town, Tortola.  The project, called Commerce House, will be a Class A building featuring all the modern amenities that today’s professional services client needs and expects.  The complex, designed by Roger Downing and Richard Finnegan of Roger Downing & Partner Company Ltd., is destined to become a British Virgin Islands landmark and will be located on property that extends from Old Main Street to Waterfront Drive.

The design of Commerce House by completion will be a five-storey structure incorporating a parking garage at grade level, and will have design versatility to provide a mix of first-rate retail space and Class A office space with all the standard amenities of Class A commercial space.  The top two floors will be luxury residences or offices. According to JOMA’s CEO, Colin O’Neal, “the mission statement of JOMA (Properties) Ltd. is to be a leader in the development and management of high-quality office facilities and other types of commercial real estate for the British Virgin Islands’ leading organizations and individuals.  We are dedicated to developing Class A commercial space for forward-looking professional service and retail businesses and individuals.” JJOMA already has an established track record in this field, having developed the Barracks Building in Road Town, which runs between the Wickhams Cay main road and Main Street.  To the company, this is a validation of their current commitment and signals the way forward.  JOMA’s intention is, as with the Barracks Building, to transform the centre of Road Town through thoughtful redevelopment.  Their goal is to erect buildings with architectural impact and landmark significance.

The proposed building will be of modern design with an emphasis on spatial harmony and light. Although a modern building, Commerce House will not conflict with the aesthetics of Old Main Street.  In fact, according to the Directors, the existing “Fireproof Building located on Main Street opposite the Methodist Church will be integrated into the overall development, providing a link to Old Main Street without minimizing the significance of this historical landmark.”

The building will contain approximately 35,000 square feet of rental space.  Floors can be leased as one unit or two units. The central core will create lobby space on each floor or a connecting space if the floor has multiple tenants.  Extensive use of high-impact glazing will contribute to an airy, open feeling throughout the building.  Floor areas will be open plan to be partitioned and fitted out by the tenants.  Furnishing referrals can be made available by JOMA, who themselves intend to move into the new corporate space.  Significatly, JOMA is pleased to announce they are ready to accept bookings for tenants.

To date, JOMA has been the only developer to provide parking space within a commercial office building in the British Virgin Islands.  This facility was provided in the Barracks Building owned by JOMA and will also be provided in Commerce House.  Recognizing a changing demand for space in Tortola, Barbara O'Neal, one of the Directors of JOMA, describes Road Town as the hub of commerce it always has been: “Road Town and its immediate environs have developed as the de facto business center of the British Virgin Islands and JOMA recognizes the importance of the availability of quality office space and of amenities, such as parking, which is presently a major issue in town.”

Outside of JOMA's vision is a practical. While some may reminisce over the romantic, old buildings in town, the reality is that their structure is as old as the buildings themselves and redevelopment is essential to the sustenance of the corporate world in Tortola. JOMA's new project and recognition of the Territory’s business needs is aimed at setting a new standard and a new level of commitment to the changing environment.

Key Features
According to JOMA in addition to its central location in Road Town and its proximity to banks, registries and other professional service providers, restaurants, stores and other services, the building will offer the following key features:

Why Partner with JOMA
JOMA’s portfolio includes Road Reef Plaza, Port Purcell Commercial Estate, the O’Neal Building in Road Town, the Barracks Building at 171 Main Street, and several other properties.  It has a strong management team with a proven track record of providing professional property management for all of its properties and delivering first-rate facilities to its tenants. In addition, its board of directors is made up of professionals who are fully aware of the needs and expectations of like-minded professionals and who are dedicated to providing a high quality product for discerning tenants.

For further information regarding this project or other JOMA projects contact Colin O’Neal at (284) 494 7171 or by e mail at [email protected].