MacNamara is one of the most desirable locations in Tortola because it presents all the perks of hillside living—the constant breeze, the quiet setting and the life-affirming views—while being situated less than five minutes from the centre of Road Town. Lizard’s Leap, a cottage tucked above town in the greenery of MacNamara, also offers fruit trees, a vast tiled patio, a landscaped garden and a wraparound balcony.


The most striking feature of Lizard’s Leap is the view of the Sir Francis Drake Channel, Road Town, Salt Island, Cooper Island and Ginger Island as well as Road Harbour and the green spaces of the Queen Elizabeth II Park directly below. But that’s only if you look out and down. The beauty of living on the mountain is looking up and seeing nothing but Michelangelo skies and cherubic clouds during the day or Van Gogh stars at night.  Also visible from MacNamara is the sunrise which means the house and patio are coolly shaded in the afternoon when the sun has moved to the other side of the mountain.

Indoors, the rooms are as fresh as the outdoor spaces. The fully furnished living area expands the length of the house, and four sets of sliding glass doors let in the cool air and the green and blue vistas. The sturdy furniture is made from solid refurbished teak in contemporary shapes.

Beyond the living room are the spacious dining room and kitchen with tile floors and ample counter and cabinet space. The kitchen has a separate door that leads to the parking pad, and the dining room has double doors that lead to the wraparound balcony and patio, giving both rooms the breezy feel that pervades the house.

Through a small hallway are the master bedroom and master bathroom. Both have cathedral ceilings and ceramic tile floors. Dark woods atop the vanity, framing the mirror and composing the cabinets contrast to the celedon coloured tiles. The roomy shower presents the perfect place to shake off sleep and start the day.

While downstairs is open, breezy and accessible with dramatic panoramas at every turn, the upstairs rooms are funky, bright and personalized with unexpected features in each room. The upstairs rooms—a second bedroom, bathroom and third bedroom loft—are connected by a ventilated corridor. The cathedral-ceilinged second bedroom connects to one of the house’s best features—a covered sun porch, an ideal spot for cocktail hour with friends, candlelight dining or afternoon lounging. Once again, the view from MacNamara Hill does not disappoint.


Past the upstairs full bath is the third bedroom loft and office space. For those who prefer upstairs living, away from the kitchen and dining room, this room would serve as a perfect master bedroom. The striking black, cathedral ceilings contrast against the white wicker furniture and the ecru carpeting, and the loft overlooks the elegant living room below.

Back downstairs, the wraparound balcony leads to the expansive, tiled patio that is perpendicular to the house, in an L-shape. I open the standing umbrella, and three frisky geckos jump out, hence the name Lizard’s Leap. The two points between the house and patio, now open to the hillside garden, could easily be connected with a triangular deck, adding even more outdoor living space. Even without the additional deck, the patio offers plenty of room for a potential hot tub or plunge pool beside the patio.


In addition to the views, breezes and funky surprises, Lizard’s Leap also possesses many practical amenities. The house has full hurricane protection as well as solar panels that provide 12-volt battery power for lighting, water pumps and hot water during outages. Three freshwater cisterns supply water for drinking and showers while a fourth greywater cistern provides water for toilets and outdoor use.

Lizard’s Leap is a perfect countryside home that is just a short leap to town.