Symmetry  –  The quiet beauty above Long Bay is host to a variety of enchanting secrets tucked into the hillside.  On its perch above the bay, LongView is one such treasure.  This lavish hillside retreat features a continual soundtrack of murmuring waves and trade winds mixed with the cooling shades of a seemingly endless summer.  In keeping with its name, LongView is lengthy in overall appearance.  Set over .882 acres, the 40-foot pool has an adjacent deck that gives the appearance of an elongated property with the dwellings towering above it.  There are two entrances, one by its pool side (a steep drive) and the other by its living quarters through a gazebo down some wooden steps through the water garden.  This nearly reflects the view down below of the beach with the hillside properties above it.  Looking directly at Sandy Spit and Jost van Dyke and up the northern shore of Tortola, the view is stunning and provides yet another breathtaking canvas to ponder.


The first thing you will notice about LongView’s shape is its symmetrically fashioned lines.  Right angles support overhanging allemande in bloom whilst the ledge of the property has a beautiful lap pool encompassed by a deck overlooking the mile-long beach and the palms of Long Bay Resort.

The lots were originally owned by Long Bay Resort, and owners were given the opportunity, once the properties were complete, to rent them through their villa management programme.  Housekeeping and maintenance from Long Bay support the units and access to all of their facilities is provided.  Now under Caribbean Realty, the property is also available for short- and long-term rent and for sale.


Technically, there are two buildings consisting of living quarters and bedroom joined by a decking pavilion to house again two more bedrooms, all en suite.  The upper bedroom in the guest house closely resembles the hub of a ship and exhibits features that make it ideal for an office or entertainment room.  There are outside showers, and the mastery of the landscaping, with its simplistic water features, gives one the sense of showering deep within a tropical forest. Bedrooms are large, airy, bright—a private sanctuary within.


Subtle and modest, the fittings and furniture offer hints of Bali, the Mediterranean and old English cottages.  Its owner and designer, a professor in architecture, optimized cooling effects with high tongue and groove ceilings using vernacular design, yet space is maximized in length rather than width.  The living room opens with large wooden doors to let in light and air, a style reminiscent of older properties seen on Camano; this one is refreshing in its youth yet traditional in its design.  The bedrooms are cool, peaceful and tastefully ordained.


Initially we could not find a curve in the house given its symmetrical design, yet the swaying palms and overhanging flowers wrap around the property, breaking its lines and feather around the structures. Indigenous plants bloom all season long with very little maintenance.  Dancing and teasing around the property are papaya, plumbago, banana and thumbursia.


Most of the living at LongView is clearly focused on enjoyment of the outdoors.  This house has been built into and around the hillside, absorbing its surrounds and morphing into the landscape.  Outside are a deck, grill and gazebos for a relaxing and carefree lifestyle.  The pergola on the poolside entrance with draped hanging gardens makes a statement.  On the property’s  surrounds, stones and trees create a compact walkthrough that affords a feeling of privacy and seclusion. LongView is hurricane and earthquake strong.


This three-bedroom retreat offers the best of everything: fun, style, natural beauty and contemporary entertainment options.

Asking price: $1.3 million. Enjoyment factor… go see.