Deep in MacNamara Hill, above Road Town, nests a perfect three-storey townhouse with a spectacular view of the valley below. This charming, modern, three-bedroom house is perfect for a family home or long-term vacation rental. On the day of our visit, like most family dwellings, the greatest activity took place around the extensive kitchen and living room.

The drive is steep, but the house is perched within the hills, and the benefit is a clear view of the valley and the channel, as if no one else is around. The entrance through the atrium leads to the living room. To the right, the dining area has ocean-side windows that display the wraparound deck. The kitchen, behind the dining room, has all modern fittings and facilities and ample room for storage with neat cabinets alongside its walls. In this respect, there is an American feel to the home. There is even a little office or den on this level.


A large pool with barbeque area and wood decking encourage outdoor entertaining. On the other hand, outdoor basking and relaxing are also encouraged by the glory of the view below and the easterly trades blowing onto the house, whistling up the valley.

There are two stairwells, both wooden, that lead downstairs to the game room and upstairs to the bedrooms. Upstairs there is a large landing—this is where the house takes on its West Indian colours, even more so than the colours of cobalt, lime and yellow that have dominated the colour scheme so far. High tongue and groove ceilings are in each bedroom, and the master suite, already grand, has a walk-in closet and a hot tub in its enormous bathroom. The benefit of high ceilings is that all the heat leaves the house naturally as hot air rises. Windows are also prevalent throughout, giving a natural free air flow through the property.


Below is the game room, also with a deck, and a small room which was originally intended for a housekeeper. The space for children here or for general entertaining is fantastic. Being concrete, it is fairly soundproof and could be used for dry storage if necessary.

With its own generator, the house is fairly self-sufficient and hurricane-ready within minutes. When we spoke to the family that live there, they seemed to be very much at home and had all the comforts of their English style of living within the Caribbean.


Overall, this house is a treat. Granted, there are no major architectural novelties, nor is it steeped in tradition or history. It is in essence a new house built for new memories and functions in every aspect of spacious living and modern comforts. This is a modern home within a hillside, and every effort has been made to give the occupants the feeling that once the door is closed, they are at home and have everything they need. It has vibrant colours, simplicity, and a modern charm as well as privacy and self-sufficiency—simply add laughter.