New Trends in the Home – This season we have been lucky to be able to incorporate some of the newest and hottest trends from the US into our shop, which have been received very enthusiastically by our customers.  Our buying trips to the States have given us endless options for new and exciting items that we have been delighted to introduce to the BVI market for the first time. Here, we live outdoors as much as possible to maximize enjoyment of the wonderful climate and views.  Al fresco is less of an occasion than it is a standard way of life.  It is no surprise, then, that furniture and rugs that are designed to be abused by the tropical elements are becoming increasingly popular with our clients.  New technology and materials have allowed our furniture suppliers to create stunningly attractive pieces, both modern and traditional, that literally can be left outside in the rain, sun and salt air indefinitely.  The frames are made from non-corrosive aluminum and covered in a resin wicker weave.  The cushions are designed to withstand getting doused with rain over and over again, and the resilient Sunbrella® fabric resists staining, fading and mildew.

Outdoor rugs are the cutting edge of floor covering and are fabulous for this environment—soft and stylish enough to have in any room of the house, but hard-wearing and durable enough to leave outside in the elements.  We are always blown away by their showroom demonstration where they pour a glass of red wine onto a cream-coloured rug and are able to rinse it away without any residual staining.  I have one of these rugs in my son’s room and it still looks like new despite the daily abuse it receives!

Electric candles are the way of the future, and perfect for breezy al fresco dinner parties.  A few batteries and you have a very realistic flickering flame light that lasts for months.  These candles come in all shapes and sizes, from little tea lights to chunky pillars.

Heat-resistant silicon seems to be an increasingly popular material in cooking equipment.  We have stocked silicon bake ware for over a year and it’s been very well received by our customers who find it easy to use and a great alternative to traditional metal bake ware.  We have now extended our product line to include silicon baking cups, silicon pastry brushes and non-stick rolling pins that require no additional flour.

Food Loops are reusable loops used for trussing birds, fish and stuffed meats, and ensure you will never need old-fashioned cooking twine again.  Along the same lines is the Poach Pod, an individual silicon-poaching cup that floats in a pan of boiling water and makes poaching eggs a doddle!

As House grows in the future we hope to keep bringing our BVI customers the latest trends and cutting-edge ideas that have proved popular in homes and kitchens throughout the rest of the world.