Sculptural Lights  –  "Ever since we crawled out of that primordial slime, that's been our unifying cry, 'More light.' Sunlight. Torchlight. Candlelight. Neon, incandescent lights that banish the darkness from our caves to illuminate our roads, the insides of our refrigerators. Big floods for the night games at Soldier's Field. Little tiny flashlights for those books we read under the covers when we're supposed to be asleep. Light is more than watts and footcandles. Light is metaphor. Light is knowledge, light is life, light is light."

Our homes in the B.V.I. are suffused with natural bright tropical light. However, enjoying the home and gardens after dark is equally important. Well-planned lighting will create a beautiful ambiance and add to the homes value – with a minimal investment.

Effect of the light is as important as the style of the light fixture. Lighting falls into categories based on function – ambient, task, decorative and accent lighting. Having a combination of these styles in a room adds elegance and interest.


• A ceiling light, chandelier or daylight from a window provides ambient light.
• Task lighting is bright and directional and used in work areas like under the kitchen cabinets, at the desk or bedside table, around the bathroom mirror or by the easy chair.
• When the light and the light fixture are to be seen – this is decorative lighting. Examples would be a sculpted light fixture, chandelier or candles. Some lights can fall into more than one category – especially with the use of a dimmer switch that can diffuse the light, remove glare and focus and shape the light.
• Accent lighting is directional; a spotlight on artwork or architecture, lighting in the china cabinet, up lighting around the garden plants or drawing attention to a sculpture, fountain or pool.

An elegant first impression is formed at the entrance of the home – when the lighting is warm, welcoming, and provides a measure of safety by being bright enough to highlight any area where a guest may trip or step off the walkway. A row of soft lights placed along a driveway or garden path helps to deter criminal interest and gives the home an impression of being more luxurious and valuable.

Lights around the patio, pool and garden create a festive place to relax or entertain guests. Accent the foliage and sculptural lines of plants with up-lights, visually expand the depth of the garden with wall sconces or lights along the paths. Create more interest by playing with the balance and contrast of light and dark areas.


A stylish way to enhance the charm of your home and garden is with a few well-placed wall sconces. These lights gently illuminate the walls and ceiling, highlight architecture details and visually expand a room’s height and depth. They can blend into the background or be a decorative feature – washing the wall with a soft even light or splashing bold patterns of light across the ceiling and wall. With the addition of a dimmer switch wall sconces are perfect for the dining area, lightly balancing the warm glow of candles or a chandelier. Just a few little tricks with lighting can make even a modest home feel more grand.

There are many commercially available lamps and wall sconces on the market – but for a truly exceptional touch, look for a unique sculpted lamp made of stone, ceramic, bronze or other material that can age gracefully in this tropical environment.

Several artists in the B.V.I. create sculptural lights that can enhance our homes. Stop in the Bamboushay’s studio in Nanny Cay or their gallery on Main Street to see beautiful handmade ceramic wall sconces and lamps.

This month, my new Limited Edition Bronze wall sconce sculptures ‘Moco Jumbie with Moon’ and wall sconces and fountain-masks made from semi-precious stones, glass and local shells, will be exhibited at the Almond Tree Salon & Day Spa in Nanny Cay and the Tamarind Club Hotel & Restaurant in Josiah’s Bay.

Savanna Redman
B.V.I. Artist