Outdoor Living Rooms  –  With stunning views and a tropical climate, we can easily spend more hours on our veranda and in the garden than we do inside of our homes.  It’s wonderful having a warm and inviting outdoor living area with scented floral walls and a ceiling of clear blue sky.

This open-air space is not only enjoyable—it is a valuable extension to our homes.

Our treasured view is most often the beautiful turquoise sea.  But we also have secondary views that may not be receiving the attention they deserve. The mango tree, blooming frangipani or flamboyant tree can all be a focal point. A section of an old ruin wall or the flowering ginger and Bird of Paradise can be a setting for a garden bench or sculpture. The more directions the eye can travel and be entertained, the more inviting and larger the outdoor living area will feel.  


A path or trail leading away to an attractive site of tropical flowers, a fountain or sculpture also leads the mind into thoughts of freedom and serenity, tempting guests to escape into the garden and experience its unique beauty and view. These imaginative areas extend and round out our outdoor living areas.

If the secondary focal points on your property are not currently highlighted, they can be. With the addition of a sculpture or fountain, even the smallest areas can be utilized to their fullest potential.

A fountain creates a sense of peace and tranquility. The sparkle and movement of the cool water is refreshing. The soothing sound it creates is calming and masks intruding noises from the streets, making the garden more relaxing and insulated from the outside world. Businesses as well as private homes can benefit by creating the feeling of a private little corner in paradise.

Sculptures and fountains add elegance and sophistication to the landscape. They can be classical, mythological or whimsical, and set the mood or theme you desire for your home. Adding a sculpture or fountain can be as simple as installing a ready-made piece to an existing landscaped area or hanging a fountain from a patio wall. Custom sculptures and fountains are an open door to bold artistic expressions in the design and character of your home.


Sculptures and fountains are available for every budget and taste. Ready-made fountains are available at most nurseries and through many landscape designers and contractors. Custom sculpture and fountains are available in durable outdoor materials from concrete to bronze and available as original artwork or limited editions. 

Bronze is the aristocrat of outdoor sculpture material and is perfect for our Caribbean environment. When selecting bronze, there is no need to worry about your investment deteriorating in the tropical sun or humidity, Egyptian bronzes date back to 3700 BC. My newest fountain masks are available in limited edition bronze and more bronze garden sculptures are in the works. Visit www.savanna-art.com for the newest – as they become available. 

Savanna Redman