Save Money, Save Power -The Compact Fluorescent Light Bulb (The Energy Saving Light Bulb) In a concerted effort to do a bit for the environment, one member of the BVI Property Guide Team replaced 10 of her most frequently used light bulbs with Philips Energy Savers (available from RiteWay from $4.55 per bulb).

The very white light they emit took a little getting used to, and some strategic swapping of lamp shades was implemented, but the $70 (yes, that was seventy dollars) shaved off her monthly electricity bill has more than proved their efficiency.

A compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) will screw neatly in to any standard light fitting. The reason they save so much money is, quite simply, they use up less electricity: the light emitted by a 40W ordinary light bulb can be reciprocated by a 7 – 10W energy saver.  A CFL will also last at least four times as long as a regular bulb, so by the end of the year you’ll be able to afford one of those energy saving dishwashers we were talking about in March with all the money you have saved.

The BVI Property Guide found Energy Saving Lightbulbs, or CFLs, in RiteWay Supermarkets from $4.55.