on the water
By Erin Paviour-Smith Photography by Jennifer Balcombe

Kewl Water Charters are in a class of their own; beginning with a fleet of immaculate Cigarette Racing boats, this family-owned and operated business is setting a new standard for boutique, luxury power boat charters in the Virgin Islands.

Recently, co-owner Pascha George invited the team from VIPY out for a day on the water so we could experience first-hand what they do each and every day for their guests. “We take care of our clients as though they are family” she says. And as I experienced for myself, Kewl Water’s guests are spoilt rotten.

Our story begins a month prior to our charter. Pascha reaches out to discuss what our dream day out on the water would look like, then swiftly responds with a draft itinerary and a selection of menu and drink choices. From the get-go, there is no request that is too difficult and the service is completely bespoke. After a couple of minor edits, we confirm the plans, which of course include champagne!

“Our specialty really is looking after the guests every need, whatever that may be” says Pascha. “Kewl Water Charters is just the tip of the iceberg in terms our capabilities”. They also offer full concierge service, private water taxis, day charters, event transportation, right through to villa and estate security services for VIPs and even dignitaries.

On the day of our charter, the weather does not disappoint. We meet at Trellis Bay for a relaxed 10am departure. The Kewl Water Charters crew greet us on the dock with a thoughtful welcome package that contains some of our favourite treats from local stores.

We hop on board, meet the Captain and while the Stewardess serves us chilled beverages, he outlines boat etiquette and safety details. Soon everything is secured, he starts up the three 300 horsepower engines and we are off to Valley Trunk Bay, Virgin Gorda.

We arrive at our destination and within moments we turn to see a giant manta ray jump clean out of the water with a huge splash! There’s a lot of cheering on board and to me, it’s a beautiful omen for our day… and something that just tends to happen in the Virgin Islands!

While the Captain sets the anchor we get ready to dive over the side into water that never ceases to amaze me, in all the years I have lived here – the colour is still jaw-dropping every time.

After our dip, the Captain has already popped the cork on a bottle of champagne and we are treated to a delicious charcuterie board with freshly baked bread.

Over lunch, I talk to the Kewl Water team about the boutique service they provide to guests from all over the world and to residents at home in the Virgin Islands.

“For a family returning home from holiday or visiting, the time and effort to transfer from St Thomas via ferry is tiring after a long trip – we just remove that stress and make the journey relaxed and enjoyable” the Captain tells me.

“Business people that are visiting or reside here who don’t have the time or inclination to wait for public transport are also our perfect clients” adds the Stewardess.

As I’m writing this piece, I happened to speak with one of Kewl Water Charter’s regular customers – Ashley Smith, Director of Marketing from Rosewood Little Dix Bay –

“I can always rely on the professionalism of Kewl Water Charters to make my trip to the BVI completely stress-fee. Upon landing in St Thomas, their team promptly greets the guests and our quick journey begins. In no time, I arrive directly to the resort following a safe and very scenic trip” she says.

As the day hosted by Kewl Water Charters comes to an end, the VIPY team dry off and we head back to Trellis Bay as the sun sets. Looking back, our charter was more than just a fun-filled day, but more like a day to remember, shared with family. •

To speak with Pascha George from Kewl Water Charters about your travel needs to, from and within the Virgin Islands, you can contact her on
+1 284 542 4445 (Whatsapp)
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