Dear Members & Friends,
Once again we are spicing up the lazy month of September with a Club Cruise this Saturday, the 26th, to the beach at Pirates, Norman island. Why, you ask? Well, those of you familiar with yachting history on this side of the pond will know the story of the New York Yacht Club:
"John Cox Stevens and eight other progressive New York yachtsmen met aboard Stevens new yacht Gimcrack during the afternoon of Tuesday, July 30, 1844. Gimcrack was anchored off the Battery at the foot of Manhattan Island. Stevens proposed forming a club among New York businessmen and residents, which could serve as an organization for weekend New York Harbor racing, and summer cruises in the cooler New England waters. These nine individuals agreed to form the New York Yacht Club, with Stevens to serve as commodore.  With much enthusiasm for their accomplishment, the group further agreed to assemble their yachts three days later and cruise to Newport, Rhode Island.  A summer cruise among New York Yacht Club members has been an annual event ever since, with the exceptions of 1861, 1898, and the war years of 1917-1920 and 1941-1945. In 1998, the club celebrated the 100th anniversary of its first cruise to Maine."
We propose to do something similar, except without the blue blazers & straw boaters. Probably about the same amount of rum, however. That's the only way I can think they kept a straight face while dressed so silly.
All members & friends are invited to come along on the Second Annual RBVIYC Club Cruise. Gather at the beach at Pirates anytime after 12 noon in whatever sort of watercraft is to hand, we don't look down on smelly powerboaters here, no sir.
Pirates itself is closed, so the Club staff will provide BBQ kebabs & sides and drinks, but you'll need to order kebabs by email or phone by 9.00 AM Friday or bring your own meat.
Attendance is free, Lunches will be $5.00 for kids and $10.00 adults, drinks at club bar prices. We'll have balls & frisbees, anyone else having beach games is welcome to bring them. Subject to attendance we're hoping to do some sailing intro sessions around the bay and/or team racing in IC 24s if anyone wants to try their hand.
If anyone can take an extra cooler or help out with serving food/drinks volunteers would be appreciated. Also anyone needing a lift let Guy Eldridge know. EVEN IF YOU DON'T WANT TO ORDER LUNCH PLEASE EMAIL BY FRIDAY SO WE HAVE A ROUGH IDEA OF NUMBERS!
Email: [email protected]  Phone: 494-3286


 This portrait of Commodore Stevens is excerpted from The Low Black Schooner by author and NYYC member John Rousmaniere.