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Wednesday, October 31 – The Royal Fleet Auxiliary (RFA) Ship Wave Knight will pay a four-day informal visit to the Territory beginning Friday, November 2. The ship will be anchored in the Sir Francis Drake Channel.

The ship’s Commanding Officer Capt. Ian N. Pilling (RFA) will meet the Honourable Premier Ralph T. O’Neal, O.B.E., His Excellency the Governor David Pearey and Police Commissioner Mr. Reynell Frazer on Friday.

Capt. Pilling said of the visit: “All on board are looking forward to returning to and enjoying the delights of Tortola. This is a highlight in our deployment.”
The RFA Wave Knight is currently on duty as part of the Royal Navy’s Atlantic Patrol Task (North). Although only on assignment for three weeks, the Wave Knight has been involved in numerous recent counter narco-terrorism operations throughout the Caribbean area, as far west as Honduras and as far east as the Atlantic.

Following the BVI visit, Wave Knight will go on to Montserrat and Curacao before returning to join operations in the central Caribbean.

1.    RFA Wave Knight is an Auxiliary Oilier Replenishment vessel launched in 2000. The ship is a 31,500 tonne displacement double hull tanker with ice classification and has proved a valuable asset since entering service in 2002.  It is capable of speeds of over 20 knots and is manned by a British crew of 80, plus a Royal Navy embarked Lynx helicopter.  

2.    The vessel is capable of issuing diesel and aviation fuel cargo totalling 16,000 cubic metres. Additionally, it carries nearly 400 cubic metres of fresh water cargo and has a cargo hold of 500 cubic metres stocked with dry stores used for emergency operations such as those faced in the wake of a hurricane.  There are three small open boats on board, each of which may be utilised during such operations.

3.    The RFA Wave Knight is a diesel-electric ship; which means it is driven by an electric motor, powered by diesel generators – and takes advantage of the latest propulsion control technology.