Recent reports have alerted BVIYG to a couple of hazards that bear mention.

One is a coral head in about 6 feet of water just off Trunk Bay close by the Baths in Virgin Gorda.  It is marked on British Admiralty charts but not on all Imray ones.  Some guide books mention it but get the position wrong.  Our information is that the coral head's location is 18 26.186N, 064 26.770W and that is frequently hit by errant sailors.


Also there is an obstruction, thought to be a sandscrew,  reported in Great Harbour, Peter Island.  This has caused several vessels problems when anchoring.  Those coordinates are said to be 18 21.378N, 64 34.762W.

Bear in mind that not all hazards are stationary.  The accompanying picture was taken by charter captain Jeff Olen who, with his partner Faith, encountered this unexpected hazard just off Caneel Bay in St. John.  The confused critter was throttled up and bound for St. Thomas.  Just check that bow wave!