Contact: Nadia James-Lord – Solid Waste Department
Telephone: 494-6245
Email: [email protected]

Monday, September 10 – The Solid Waste Department is urging the public to actively participate in beach clean-up campaigns spearheaded by the Conservation and Fisheries Department as well as other non-governmental organisations in recognition of International Coastal Cleanup Month this September.

Waste Education Officer Nadia James-Lord notes that although trash bins have been provided, many of the Territory’s beaches are still littered with party decorations hanging from trees, aluminium cans, glass bottles, styro-foam containers and plastic utensils strewn on the shores and in the vegetation. These items, which eventually end up in the sea, resemble food to marine life and can kill these animals, she adds.

The Solid Waste Department advocates some practical tips to help keep the beaches clean.
Beach-goers should take along trash bags to store accumulated trash and carry their trash when leaving the beach or place the full bag in a bin. If surrounding litterbins are full, take the bag and dispose of it in one of the many dumpsters located throughout the Territory. When hosting a beach event, ensure that all decorations are removed and placed in nearby litterbins or in dumpsters.
Day sailors should also practice proper waste dispose. Instead of tossing accumulated garbage into the water, carry a trash bag to collect your waste and dispose of it in a bin when you return to shore.
The Solid Waste Department is the agency primarily responsible for the collection and disposal of community solid waste throughout the Territory.