Global Focus on the BVI  –  The British Virgin Islvands not only offers tropical beaches but also financial stability and is therefore an ideal place to invest in bricks and mortar. With housing prices still tumbling elsewhere, the BVI real estate market remains buoyant. While it has become more of a buyers' market over the last year, sellers still do not have to reduce their asking prices substantially.

Asking prices have remained stable, but rental yields for high-end properties have fallen. In particular, short term rentals of high-end show a decrease of up to 20% this year alone. That said, rental values for low- and mid-range properties in the BVI continue to rise, but at a slower rate than in previous years, and house prices in the BVI have only marginally been affected by recent changes in rental yields.

Property BVI Realtors represents clients from Europe to Asia who have recently seen their US Dollar buying power increase with the strengthening of their currencies. With a limited number of high-end properties in the BVI, we offer a full range of investment opportunities, from $50,000 to over $10 million, including land, commercial property and residential property. We offer the same market-leading customer service, whatever the scale of your investment.


The advertising dollar can reach as far as radio, print, internet and TV, but there is no substitute for word of mouth and a trusted reputation. With over 51 years of BVI experience and as a locally owned real estate agency, the staff at Property BVI knows the importance of having roots in the local community. With extensive knowledge of the BVI market and its history, we are proud to offer our clients a refreshing change in real estate.

With all the changes in the market, real estate agencies must adapt. Property BVI has diversified their services in order to meet all their clients’ needs. A one-stop shop with in-house architects, builders, contractors and property managers, we can assist clients with purchasing land, designing a home, building, managing the property and even arranging for housekeeping or landscaping services. We can take care of everything and alleviate the headache that often comes from dealing with several entities at once.

Buying, building or renting a new home should be an exciting experience, and we will do everything to ensure that’s the case.