Is crime becoming a factor? – When considering buying property, settling and raising a family, crime rates are a variable many people take into account.  Recent local newspaper reports indicate that crime is steadily on the rise. Unfortunately, the crimes that are increasing are some of the most extreme and violent ones including murder and armed robbery.  We feel it’s unlikely that we may be burgled, have the Christmas presents stolen from the tree or wake up with the car tyres missing and the family car jacked up on breeze blocks.  But random shootings and robberies are no laughing matter and the Government and police force are faced with a task of pre-emptive strike and post event analysis.    Evidence points to the fact that the crime element is largely foreign in origin and the criminals in question view our territory and its laid-back residents as easy prey.  What choices do we have when faced with an armed assailant apart from succumbing?

By boasting of our relaxed ways and lack of vigilance to outsiders, we are only setting ourselves up for a fall from grace.  Between the lazy afternoons on the beach and the sun-kissed cocktail hour, take a reality check.   Do lock your door, do lock the car and don’t put yourself in a vulnerable position late at night.    

When considering buying property do take into account factors such as security and privacy;  there’s no need to be paranoid but every reason to be sensible.    We are a long way off varied colourful states of alert and reporting suspicious stereotypes but we can also be vigilant, careful and watchful. Policing is as much a community effort as a task left to a handful.