Lighting the Greenscene – The green movement has been under way for many years among true believers and visionaries, but it is only recently that larger players in the field joined the revolution. Movies have been produced and products are labeled environmentally friendly.  A well-known part-time BVI resident has pledged his unparalleled commitment to reduce carbon emissions.  Global awareness is on the rise and more solutions are found for us not to change our lifestyles while reducing our carbon footprint.  Most of us work hard to achieve a certain level of comfort in our lives and we’re not likely to give up our achievements that easily.

Technologies that have been around for decades are being reviewed and refined to overcome the perception of habitual creatures.  New technologies are emerging and fast becoming the new standard.  When US states like California and whole countries like Australia virtually ban the use of incandescent light bulbs, these new technologies get an incredible boost in production.  The use of small fluorescent lamps has taken off rather slowly, hindered by the advancement of an even more efficient light source that is likely to replace the traditional light bulb.

The Light Emitting Diode, or LED for short, has it all.  It lasts almost a lifetime while being more than 30 times more power efficient.  Reading these numbers makes you feel foolish when you buy another 100W traditional bulb.  To light up your pool and landscape, and of course your entire house, for pennies a day is an invigorating thought.  Not having to replace light bulbs every few weeks is a huge bonus.  LEDs also allow us to dial in exact colours when using digital controllers.  Mood setting light hues at the touch of a finger are nice features that can truly enhance your décor; knowing that after the initial investment your recurring expenses in achieving this are minimal is just sound “green” thinking.

The low voltage associated with the use of LEDs is also appealing because of its safety factors – electricity and water aren’t the greatest combination at the best of times, but an LED is a simple solution to the possible problems.  Being able to dim and colour your lights to levels that attract fewer bugs is another pleasant advantage.

As with any “new technology,” pricing of the products are rapidly coming down as major players jump on the bandwagon.  This is good news for the consumers in more ways than one.