Friday, August 28 – The Ministry of Communications and Works is asking motorists to be patient with the new traffic lights commissioned one week ago.

“The concept of having lights at the roundabout is still new and fresh in the minds of many motorists and therefore it would take some time and practice to get used to,” Dr. Drexel Glasgow, Acting Director of the Public Works Department, told the Department of Information and Public Relations.  

Motorists are reminded that now that the roundabout is controlled by lights, access through the intersection will be limited by time, so once the light is green, motorists should move through as swiftly, cautiously and safely as possible.

“We realise that drivers have not yet learned how to move through the intersection but we are confident that over time this will change and the traffic will flow smoothly,” Dr. Glasgow said.

Motorists and pedestrians should be aware that any unnecessary obstruction to the flow of traffic will have severe repercussions for other motorists.  Pedestrians are therefore encouraged to use the pedestrian crossings, so as to not hamper the flow of traffic by crossing streets when the lights are green.

Motorists are also encouraged not to stop around the roundabout to drop off and pick up passengers and to refrain from blocking the approach roadways to the intersection.

“What we are seeing is motorists blocking the intersection between Fishlock Road and Flemming Street,” Inspector Kenrick Headley, Head of Traffic Investigation Department told the Department of Information and Public Relations.

“I have also seen instances where pedestrians are interrupting the flow of traffic by crossing when they ought not to and vehicles making illegal right turns from Positive Action Drive onto De Castro Street [across from Bobby’s Supermarket]. In addition, motorists using the entrance and exit to the Wickham’s Cay Service Station and the picking up and dropping off of passengers are also key factors in the traffic congestion at the Road Town Roundabout,” the Inspector noted.

Ministry officials are working with JoClaud Enterprises Limited technicians to calibrate the lights for optimum performance. However, it must be noted that the way motorists and pedestrians use the roads also contributes to delays and the backup of traffic.

“Motorists and pedestrians have to realise that they have a part to play to help relieve the traffic congestion around the roundabout and therefore should exhibit better driving etiquette,” Inspector Headley encouraged.

Government is asking for the patience and cooperation of the motoring public in its efforts to relieve traffic congestion in Road Town and to provide a safe and pedestrian-friendly capital.