Holding Up in Nail Bay – The common perception of resort living is that it is enormously expensive. Goodness, it costs over $120 a night to stay in a mouldy, noisy, un-air-conditioned pile in the middle of Roadtown.  What must it cost to enjoy a beautiful villa with state-of-the-art amenities and a private beach and pool?  Would you believe $295.00 per night? We didn’t believe it either until we went to take a look.  Over in Nail Bay on Virgin Gorda there is a selection of villas available at relatively affordable prices.  We experienced the Sunset Watch combination which can be rented as either of two one-bedroom units, or together as a two-bedroom unit or, again, as a three bedroom unit when combined with an adjacent but separate villa.  Each of the villas is equipped to a high standard, with all the amenities one might expect in a furnished deluxe apartment.  Whilst one might not expect to spend a luxury holiday in the kitchen, there are at Sunset Watch kitchens fit for a professional chef.  Four-burner gas stove, double-door refrigerator freezer, dishwasher and washer/dryer all come standard in each unit, making a guest self-sufficient in the domestic arena.   Or you could arrange for a chef to come and cook for you.

Set amidst Nail Bay’s 148-acre estate, the villas have an ambience best described as plantation-modern with rattan, bamboo and wicker all making their appearance.  The décor hints at Africa, perhaps Malaya in the old Somerset Maugham days.  Somewhere in the distance, an elephant trumpets—or was that just Speedy’s ferry?  Fans spin silently from each ceiling, distributing the air-conditioned atmosphere.  Balconies wrap around to frame the gorgeous views which, as the villas’ names suggest, are to the west, with open exposure to the north.  The scenes are predominantly of the island group, The Dogs, and of the limitless expanse of sun-dappled ocean.  A guest could easily find himself nestled on a comfortable chair—or indeed recumbent in a hammock—sipping a cool concoction while the sun performs its disappearing act.

After a romp on the beach, the outdoor showers attached to each unit are a wonderful way to wash off the salt, though there are traditional tubs, too, for a lingering soak.  Or, should the beach prove too far to wander on a scorching day, the sizeable pool is mere steps away.  Surrounding each villa is a landscape of colour and variety, with decorative plants jostling against patches of culinary herbs.  Standing just a few feet from the villas, or glancing up from the beach, one has to struggle to imagine where they might be, so well hidden are they.  Clever landscaping and attention to horticultural detail provide privacy and the illusion of solitude which are so refreshing to the over-stimulated citizen of the 21st century.  

Indeed, privacy, quiet, solitude—these are the true luxuries and ones that are easily achieved at Nail Bay.  The villas are available in different combinations, ranging in price from a summer low of $220 per night for the Sunset Watch lower unit, to a   Christmas high of $940 per night for the full three-bedroom, three-unit option, which has a summer low price of $530 per night.  For six adults!  And with an option of adding an extra two adults on a fold-down sofa for a mere $35 additionally per night, it’s a steal.

Nail Bay offers a variety of specialty packages, too, with a vehicle, trips to the dolphinarium, snorkeling trips to Anegada—but for the weary warrior with kids in tow, the quiet and privacy might just be the tonic one needs to refresh and rejuvenate.  And for the celebration of an anniversary, a birthday, perhaps a family get-together or a quiet getaway, nothing could be better.

Information is available at www.nailbay.com or at 284-494-8000