SHARON FLAX-BRUTUS, a Virgin Gorda native is a Tourism Experience Curator and leads a dedicated and highly experienced team of specialists at Virgin Gorda Villa Rentals.

With an extensive career in the travel, hospitality and real estate industries, including luxury Virgin Gorda Resort, Rosewood Little Dix Bay, Sharon also led the BVI Tourist Board for seven years, ensuring the organisation effectively promoted the islands of the BVI to the world.

Virgin Gorda Villa Rentals is a full-service property management company, that manages and promotes 36 luxury villas on Virgin Gorda – sometimes called the ‘Jewel in the Crown of the BVI’ with its majestic granite boulders, peaceful, untouched beaches and fabulous North Sound playground.

“Wehave a range of villas that cater to every need” says Sharon. “We love taking care of our guests, focusing on attention to detail; from booking to arrival and departure. We create personalised, bespoke vacations for families, small groups, romantic escapes, special occasions and anything in between”, she continues. For villa owners, the team has over 20 years’ experience in villa management on Virgin Gorda with a reputation for excellence.

Villa Alize at Leverick Bay, Amateras at Princess Quarters and Beach Dreams at Mahoe Bay.

Sharon says that what she loves best about Virgin Gorda is the warmth and friendliness of the people, who are committed to ensuring that guests have a memorable vacation.

But when it comes to the island’s natural beauty, she finds it hard to choose just one spot. She does particularly love the 30-minute scenic drive starting at the iconic Baths National Park and the stunning vista heading towards the North Sound. This road loops through Nail Bay on the west mountain road, revealing Mahoe Bay, before heading back to Spanish Town.

Sharon Flax-Brutus, Virgin Gorda Villa Rentals


“I know that guests can choose a villa anywhere in the world, but our villas on Virgin Gorda are truly special, bringing guests back year after year”.

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