Readers’ Choice Focus – 5 Best BVI Resorts

These incredible retreats were voted by our readers as the BVI’s TOP 5 RESORTS in the Virgin Islands Property and Yacht Readers’ Choice Awards for 2014 – there are so many, so the choice is difficult, but these 5 came out on top.

The fact is, all of these heavenly hot-spots are fantastic and receivers of multiple commendations, so what is it that stands out about them individually?

If there was one thing that’s a shining aspect of their character, what would it be?

We think we might have the answers, right here…

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Peter Island 2

1) Peter Island Resort & Spa

The biggest selling point of Peter Island is its spa – it has to be. This isn’t just a service; it’s a phenomenal experience from start to finish.

You’re given your key to your locker that sits inside well-maintained rest rooms. The rest rooms provide extra conveniences like mouthwash, shaving cream, shampoo, shower gel etc. – all to make sure you’re completely comfortable. Inside your locker are your flip flips and a towelling robe. You then venture out into the main spa area’s waiting space. We say ‘space’ not ‘room,’ because room sounds slightly constrictive. This is anything but…

Then you have your desired treatment. After this, you’re free to use the spa’s great features – steam room, pool, the Jacuzzi, or relax on the slice of shore on that side of the island – whatever meets your preferences. We don’t think it’s humanly possible to be more relaxed than at Peter Island’s spa.

Peter Island 1

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Necker Island

2) Necker Island – Sir Richard Branson’s Private Island

Like all the resorts in this list, everything exceeds the word ‘great’ at Necker, so we summarise that the attraction for staying here is the prestige of residing at a Virgin owned property.

The very idea of staying at one of Sir Richard Branson’s villas advertised as ‘his favourite retreat’ is an allure for any tourist with an expendable income, who will enjoy all the luxuries a resort can provide.

Necker Island

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Cooper Island 2

3) Cooper Island Beach Club

Ask any green peace supporting, reef protecting environmentalist and they will tell you, Cooper Island Beach Club is one of the only resorts that is truly green.

You might expect that this could affect the service or amenities in the resort – think again!

This, if anything, enhances the beauty and pleasure of this tropical haven, attracting the fashionable eco-tourists, who seek places that are leaving a green mark and not a carbon foot print.

Cooper Island 1

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Frenchmans BVI 2

4) Frenchmans Hotel

All these resorts promote exclusivity and the very definition of ‘seclusion’ is in the eye of the beholder, but there are rare places on this Earth where the privacy advertised is unrivalled.

Not a single person on the planet would dispute the absolute freedom that comes with this rare form of seclusion, only found in specific spots on the globe; universally agreed upon, wherever you’re from.

Frenchmans holds this type of seclusion so unique due to its location and architectural design. This would have to be Frenchmans impact on the world of tourism. The hotel has attracted an international following with many repeat visitors who have to get their annual fix at this private of most private resorts.

Frenchmans BVI 1

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Caribbean, British Virgin Islands, Scrub Island, Guest Bedroom

5) Scrub Island Resort, Spa & Marina

Scrub Island Resort, Spa & Marina is a fully comprehensive complex for those wishing to indulge without reserve. The most conspicuous aspect that both BVI residents and visitors rave about is the pool – no question about it.

It is one of the nicest amenities a resort can have and equipped with a slide? What more could one ask. They did win our Best BVI Pool award and we aren’t surprised.

Scrub Island 1

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Have you stayed at all 5?

Do you agree with this list?

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